What You Get 1 x resin cast unpainted, ready to finish
Size - 142mm x 112mm widest points – 3mm thick approx
Sold Per Each
Made From Resin

Flat Figure Resin Cast The Reaper

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The Reaper… is death! The Grim Reaper his probably one of the most recognized and popular entities in history; always instilling fear into those who believe in him

The Reaper Flat Figure is another original sculpt by Al McDivitt.  This resin cast, is ready and waiting for you to add your own interpretation of this eerie being.  

The cast measures approx 142mm x 112mm at widest points.  When finished the The Reaper Flat Figure can be displayed on a stand as a stand-alone or mounted to a background and framed to create a unique art piece (as in last photo).

Sculpted and Cast by Al McDivitt.  Painted piece by Al McDivitt

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What is a Flat? - Flats are two-dimensional (as opposed to three-dimensional) miniatures available as casts “ready to paint”, or mounted art pieces. Flats from the 19th Century were generally sized around 28mm; modern Flats range in scale from 20mm up to about 80mm, with a thickness of around 3mm – 6mm.  Flats can be displayed on a stand or mounted to a background creating a unique art piece.

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